About us

Trimcraft Aviation, Inc was originally known as Trimcraft Aero, an aircraft wood shop owned and operated by Francis Dahlman. Francis was a master wood crafter who created outstanding replacement items in his converted barn near Burlington, WI.

Gene Santi joined up with Francis after a 5 year stint at Wag-Aero. Prior to his association with Francis and Wag-Aero he was working on his private license while washing and servicing airplanes at Galt Airport in Wonder Lake, IL.

After trying to sell items for homebuilts in a tough market, it was decided to try selling parts wholesale to dealers and FBOs. MERL, INC. a manufacturer of ELT replacement batteries, was the first product line offered for sale. The business was located in Genoa City, WI. with a whopping 900 sq ft of space. The company name was changed to Trimcraft Aviation and incorporated in 1982. The list of items offered to the industry gradually grew and the warehouse is now 10,000 sq ft.

Trimcraft Aviation has grown over the years to become a manufacturer and distributor of aircraft parts and supplies to dealers, FBOs and major distributors worldwide.